I love my phone and I am not ashamed to admit it.

 Me? I don’t need any gadget for my survival.

That was me, two months back, when everything was fine and perfect.

But then my smart-phone started giving me a tough time and it ended up becoming a master of its own will. It didn’t matter to me because I could still use my usual apps without any hindrance. So, why would I worry if it got its way as long as I got mine, right? Well, not quite. None of us could agree with each other so, in the end, I had to give it up and get a new one. It took about an entire month for a new model to be finally decided. That month taught me plenty of things: the important being that I should never take my cell-phone for granted.

I never really realised that I was practically stuck to it until it was gone. I missed the morning-jog because there was no alarm to wake me up. I upset my jogging-mate because I didn’t call to let her know that I wasn’t coming and I couldn’t even text her an apology. I had a bland morning breakfast without Quora, a depressed bath without my music, and a dull day in general without my e-book reader.


I have turned to my cell phone to reach my friends when I am lonely, to quickly Google about an interesting muse that I had been in, to store away precious memories, to delve into them when the mood strikes and I have also turned to it to whine about how frustrated I am with every other thing on some days. My cell-phone can get me a book, teach me how to make my own cappuccino, help me make new friends, get me a job, and show me the world with just a few tappity-tappity-taps.

So, after all of this, why should I not love it? Of course, there are the bad-parts – but what does not have bad-parts these days? Even I come with an entire list of pros-and-cons and I still have friends whose parents consider me as a safe-influence. Well, in case it is not clear already, I am going to pretend that I don’t see everyone who shakes their head mournfully at me every time I use my cell on the train or the bus because honestly, in this era, my cell-phone is truly my best friend and I love it . . . of course, when it works properly.


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